Reynarius di Llun

Famous Dorlish Historian


Reynarius is a scholar from Dorlan who has traveled the whole of the earth (so he says), fought the greatest of beasts (so he says), and provided the Conclave with most of the knowledge necessary for its research (so, again, he says). It is necessary to understand that he is an enormous braggart–however, this does not lessen the truth of many of his tales, which have been found to be surprisingly accurate.

He has written MANY books that are considered to be “adventurers guides” on various topics. His most famous is still the History of Adventuring and Adventurers which reads more like an instruction manual than a history. For example, the first chapter is called “Naming Your Party,” and the second “Always Have a Contract!”

Reynarius di Llun

Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius