Great Dragon

One of the three ancient Elder Races (alongside Giants and Trolls), the Wyrms (or Dragons as they are sometimes called) built many cities and lived in many lands. Their personalities and nations were as varied as those of men. The domain of the Wyrms lasted throughout much of the First Age, concentrated mostly in the north and the west. Indeed, the Sundered Isles of the Sturmsea are said to be replete with Draconic ruins. They made wars with each other, but it was their wars with the Giants that caused them to vanish nearly unto extinction. In the modern day of the Tenth Age, Wyrms are a rare sight indeed.

In this day and age most think of the Wyrms as an inimical force, dangerous and deadly. While this is certainly true in the sense of sheer physical power, there are dragons in the North that are not of the horde-minded breed. The classical image of the “rampaging” dragon has certainly been validated by the presence of the Wyrm of Agstowe who, though now in dark and dreamless sleep, did once turn the countryside into a scorched wasteland.

Other Wyrmkin


Kobold Wyrm-kin

The tunnel-rats known as kobolds are loosely related to the Wyrms. It is believed by many Wyrm-kin scholars that they are lesser descendants of that majestic race. There are also those who believe that the kobolds were created by the Wyrms as a servitor race (particularly those grasping greedy ones) during the last twilight of the Draconic kingdoms of the North. Either way, they are a race of tunnel dwellers who speak in a language composed of yips, barks, and squeaks that may bear some relation to Draconic (though Wyrm-tongue speakers have not yet been able to find a way to reconcile the strange and uncomfortable kobold-speak with the beautiful Wyrm-tongue).

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