“So went that hero to the mournful mound,

the gold-bright barrow, where kin did rest.

But there no sun nor light did fall,

And fear had roosted in his noble breast."

Excerpt from the History of Greyholme, a dwarven collection of myths and legends.

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The Complete History of Ages

A Timeline of Arunë

History of Adventurers and Adventuring

A History of Tarvia, Even Holtt

Chronicles of the War of Necromancy

The Dwarven History of the Orc and Goblin Wars

The Elf-Dragon Wars

A History of the War of the Moon

Lords of the Twin Empires (Soloth and Caruel)

Record of the Giants

The Might of Khewedi

A History of Goblins

The Eighth Age, a History

Elvish History of the War of Ascension

Weyland since the Tarveds, Even Holtt

The Matter of Avaria, numerous sources

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The Scroll of Law

the Rayanad

The Book of Poisons

Cosmology of Dragons


The Cuckolded Dwarf — an instrumental piece that starts slow and grows in intensity as the dwarf (a plodding plinky melody) “discovers” his wife and her lover and then “chases” him around, eventually driving him off a cliff in triumph.

The Lament of Highstone

The Ballad of the Black Prince


The Spring of Sorrows

The Syngva Arunï



The Maara Avenan

The Ballad of Sylvasil Eldispellion

The Ballad of Ozius

Murhe Kansin The sorrow of Elves, an excerpt

Han Lome aranom rudin viisan

iksé, a rudi, lithin nalahtor

me? Supisä, a viisa, é menelle,

mené kerra toveri.



Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius