Size: 500 Government: Town Council Militia: None

Perched at the southernmost point of the Smalwood, Woodsedge has a reputation for oddity. There is a single inn in the tiny hamlet (Nobol’s Hovel) run by a gnome from the Smalwood. The other inhabitants are mostly furriers, trappers, woodworkers, and a few farmers. The town is located on a major caravan route (the Redhorne Road), but few caravans actually stop there for more than an afternoon.

The town is a clustering of twenty or thirty wooden cottages atop a rise studded with the outlying trees of the Smalwood surrounding it. From the town square, a dusty affair on which Nobol’s Hovel faces and where the well is located, the highway sweeps away north under the dark treeline and into the forest.

Nobol’s is the largest building in town, the only one with more than a single story (it has three, though the topmost is a storage attic). A crudely painted sign featuring a gnome’s face hangs over the door, underlined with the words “NOBOLS: BEDS AND BEER” written in Varan. The inn has a single entrance hall lined with rooms that leads into the taproom and common room and a back set of stairs behind a doorway leading up. The kitchens are outside, near the stables, low stone ovens beneath a spread of tarp to keep the cook-boys from getting rained on.

About ten minutes ride north of the town, just off the highway on the left hand side, is an old granite shrine to Vaela that stands about chest high and where trappers and furriers frequently leave offerings. There is also a small wood-carving of SeniƤ’s face in the branches over the shrine which many of the woodsmen also do homage to.

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