Fort and Village Population: ~1,200 Governance: Baron Daryen Woodsley

The Woodfort watches over the edge of the Lonely Lands facing the borders of the Byrnish Waste. It is called this because of its massive wooden pikewall and the wooden structures that cluster beneath the shadow of the earthen motte upon which sits the fort proper. The fortress itself was, nearly sixty years ago, a wooden fortification thrown up to prevent the Knights of the Hawk from making infringements into the Lonely Lands. However, the keep has been rebuilt into a stone fortress in the time since its original construction.

The town itself hosts a single inn and tavern, the Burning Tap, which was (as its name suggests) built on a tavern in the same spot which was burnt to the ground during a gnollish raid. The Tap is the center of town life, and most of the Woodfort farmers spend time there during the harvest and smaller marketing days (when they aren’t held in the larger town of Lanard’s Watch).

Because of his control of the massive Woodfort, Baron Woodsley has great say in the Vigilant Curia. Woodfort controls all the nearby towns, which supply the motte and bailey.

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