White Tree

The Birch

Size: ~1,500 Government: Seat of the Governor of Bonevale Militia: White-Tree Rangers

White Tree is a town of no little fame throughout Bonevale and the Vales in general. It stands at the fork of the two streams Clearwater and Redbank. Just outside of the little town is a stand of birch trees where the Dryad Millionleaves is rumored to live. Legend has it that during the Fourth Age, her kindred defended the Grove from the advances of LumiƤ’s armies and that the bones of a giant are buried beneath it, feeding those trees. They are ancient, and they seem to almost radiate magic.

White Tree proper subsists through riverine trade and adventurers going to the Grove to petition Millionleaves for magical aid. The town appears at first blow to be larger than Eastwick as it is spread in a fairly wide cleared area on a mede in the wood. The largest building in town is The Portage, an inn and porting house for moving boats between the two rivers or from Clearwater to Lake Tychon (or vice-versa). It’s existence provides access to the sea all along almost every waterway in the area.

The Governor’s Mansion is located in the center of town, a large Teralian-style villa. The current governor of Bonevale is Garios Honorius, a descendant of a ruined Bonevale noble house. Indeed, there are a few small noble houses still left in Bonevale from the days of Teral.

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White Tree

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