White Lamp

Tavern and Inn

The White Lamp sits overlooking the northward road out of Stonely. It is composed of two large stone buildings, fitted over with dwarf-cut sheathes of marble and carved in the elvish style depicting flowers and vines enscrolling its surface. An archway forms the northernmost barrier of Stonely, crossing the road from one of the two buildings to the other. From that arch there depends the titular White Lamp, a large iron lamp the size of a man’s torso.

The eastern building is constructed in the shape of an L, containing an inn-yard and a place for grazing horses. Immediately inside is the taproom, a large airy room with fluted columns that describe marching archways throughout and walls hung with elvish tapestry. The bar at the far end is attended by the tavern’s owner, who will also deign to light the fire in the massive man-sized fireplace during very cold days.

The tavern is owned by Ellanora Liennë, a half-elven woman who could be mistaken for a full-blooded elf. She works for the Silver Tree, and the inn is subsidized by those traders. Her chief servant and chef is a young man with brown hair named Otho.

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White Lamp

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