Weyland since the Tarveds

Eben vel Holtt

In the year X253 the Tarved family rose to prominence under a powerful and charismatic man named Tarvan vel Tarved. This warlord established a personal demense larger and more potent than any in that region and began to accrue a great deal of power. The old kingdom of Middlemark was torn apart as Tarvan and his kin tore through the mountains and lowlands.

Thus began the rule of the Tarvia, which encompassed modern day Claulan, Weyland, and Thegnas as well as the unclaimed lands all the way up to the Arinnfal. Vel Tarvan’s successors became known as the Tarveds for the founder of their family fortunes. The Claw Range was ever the Tarved heartland, however, the other regions being relegated to outlying status.

The Tarveds were finally undone in X394-402 when Maren vel Tarved commissioned an expensive crown of firegold and rubies from the dwarves in the Arinnfal and refused to pay them. Thus erupted the War of Maren’s Crown as it is known. While the war had many reversals (including the burning of Feindal when Tarved knights rode past the Steinnvel) in the end the dwarves triumphed and destroyed the Tarved house beyond recognition, salting the Tarved manor-lands and pulling down the towers that had been erected throughout the region as waystations for the powerful Tarved kings.

As a result, the vel Clauren came into power in the Claws while the other regions formed break-away kingdoms of their own. Thus, the birth of Weyland can be traced to X402 when the vel Tarved withdrew or where destroyed by dwarves sword and hammer. The vel Clauren established the new Claumar Castle as the capital, though Claulan did not obtain its final form until X455 when Mastricht vel Clauren destroyed the last large ogre tribes living in the Brandgelts.

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Weyland since the Tarveds

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