“Beyond the southern borders of the Vales lies a land untouched by the Second Empire. These regions were settled as independent colonies during the First Empire and the culture mingled with that of the Moon Goblins beyond the Straights. Weyland is one of these kingdoms that has very little of the culture of the First Men in it. However, unlike Llyris and Stonemark, the Wood Elves have had a strong impact on Weylic culture.

“The Greater and Lesser Thørnwood dominate Weyland, defining the way its people have lived since time immemorial. From time to time regions of Weyland have been controlled by the families of modern-day Clauland, and from time to regions of modern Clauland have been under the sway of Weyland.

“Still, Weyland has more in common with Thegnas than any of its other neighbors. Unlike Thegnas, its king is strong and the Weylic barons believe in the young ruler. The march to war was inevitable when he was elected king in his father’s place, and Weyland has since thrown its lots against Dorlan; open war is unavoidable.

Tragedy and Triumph, a Weylic Primer, Haroln Seofer, X500


The kingdom of Weyland made many wars against Teral with the help of the peoples of Thegnas and Dorlan on occasion. It is descended from the ancient Eighth Age kingdom of Westfalien. It’s western border lies hard up against the White Sea and much trade goes through it’s ports along the green shores to the city of Seagard.

The kings of Cyregel have a long and illustrious past as unifiers of the Eylic peoples; before the emergence of Weyland in IX. 708, the area was divided into the Kingdoms of Thornwood and the Hill Kingdoms.

The King At Cyregal is elected by the counts of Weyland who gather upon the death of the last king and debate matters of ascension. Any Count is eligible for the kingship, though in the last hundred years the line has descended hereditary through the Vortiguns.

The current king, Edwen Vortigun, was elected after his father was killed in the Claws fighting off Trolls. Edwen is famed for his participation as a commander during the Claulan Campaigns of X. 490-5. His counts believe him to be a strong warlike king who can lead them through the rough wars ahead.

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