The town of Waiden is an important stop along the Old River, as trade comes down from Agstowe and Cymballar and ends up in either the Vales or sailing onto the Trade Sea. It is exposed to the March of Fear and the gnollish raiders that pillage down from that region, so it is small and lacking most of the outlying settlement that most villages and towns acquire over long years.

Waiden itself huddles by the river behind a wooden stockade with two gates where the old Teralian road enters and leaves the settlement. There is a single stone tower from the old empire that has been integrated into the northern gateway to oversee the coming and going of foot travelers. Most, however, prefer to move by river and spend little time in Waiden, restocking and then moving on.

To facilitate the movement of ships and goods there are two docking regions in Waiden. The first, upriver, is a small sea dwarf enclave built around a temple of Vodulfr in Teralian rock. About a quarter of a mile downriver lies the gnometown where gnomish traders live and services their ships.

There is a single inn and wolfsden in Waiden, known as Thalon’s Rest. It is run by an old man named Hamlen, and his girls are clean and well-heeled. There are gnomes, dwarves, and mannish women to be had and Hamlen enjoys the protection of the Riverlies. The inn itself is a single floor stone building with a central room adorned by a sunken firepit in the middle. There is a common room in the cellar (or first floor) for those who do not wish to spend a night amongst the girls.

The town itself is ruled and run by the old Riverly family from an old manor built into the stockade. Maelon Riverly, the current Count of Waiden, has been a fair and just ruler. The Riverlies were not the original holders of this territory, but rather won it for service during the Social and Civil wars which ruined the Empire.

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