Size: Around 10,000 elves Government: Directly administered by the Lady Militia: The Iiriem nobles personal militias, around 1,000 at any given time

Vourin is the ancient capital of Iiriem, and has been since the time of the Plague. The city is built in a dale in the Iiriem woods, and lies only a few miles away from the Silver Mountains. The center of the city is the Palace of the Lady, a large glimmering structure that floats on serene arches high above the other buildings of Vourin. All are made from stone quarried from the mountains in ages past and carved into thin, almost impossible shapes.

The Palace is not a military building or a fortress of any kind; it is open on many sides to the sun and the winds, and is almost wholly indefensible due to its grandiose design. Just outside its main entrance, on the mosaic-cobbled square there, is where the Vourin Market is held weekly. Silver miners, elvish farmers, woodsmen, and the like can all be found there, supplying the city.

More important militarily is the House of the Eternal Fire, or House of the Knightly Watch depending on who is talking. This building is a large fortified compound also facing the Market on one of the adjoining sides. There, the Lady’s personal Unsleeping Watch are quartered, ready to rush to the defense of Iiriem.

While it may seem strange to most outsiders, Vourin has no defensive wall. Rather, the Unsleeping Watch use the forests themselves around the city, slipping in and out of the trees. This form of guerrilla fighting is compounded by the hundreds of ancient spells of confusion that the elvish wardstones have lain upon the road and the forest entire. In times or war, the Lady herself and her retinue of Spellsingers moves from stone to stone, awakening their power to confound any enemy that might enter her realm, causing them to become lost in the wood or to endlessly turn back on their own tracks.

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