(the Rager, the Waverider, the Ruiner of Ships, the Twister of Ways)

Greater God, CE
Portfolio: The Sea, Merchants, storms, waves
Aliases: Vodulfr, Kavalien
Domain Name: The Deep Palace, Nullia
Superior: None
Allies: None
Foes: Every other god
Symbol: Four fists of water, emanating
Worshipper Alignment: Any

Vodei (voe-DIE) is the lord of the sea and one of the four Quarto gods: Eiri, Aros, and Haeron are his brothers. Younger than his brothers Eiri and Aros, he is nevertheless far stronger than either of them. When the realms of the Middle World were divided between them (legend says that they played dice), Aros was awarded the lower heavens, Eiri the earth and caverns, Haeron the upper heavens, and Vodei the depths of the sea. He took to his realm with gusto, being a temperamental and dangerous god. Some theologians have wondered if perhaps his centuries of living beneath the sea have given him that temperament, but the question is ultimately unimportant.

The Waverider is prone to great rages and also to inexplicable, implacable calms. During the early ages of the world he stole the goddess Meina to come and live beneath the sea as his queen. While the two have occasional congress (and some legends claim the cyclopses of the Cloud Sea and Aellon are the result of their coupling), they generally live apart and have a great despite for each other. Merfolk, the closest beings to Vodei and his abodes, are strongly divided in their support with many worshipping the Rager (and thus being dangerous and unpredictable) and many worshipping the Pale Lady (these, of course, being kind and helpful).

Vodei also has at his beck and call a number of twelve powerful spirits known as the sturms. Many have speculated that these spirits were bound by Vodei when he first came into power, likely by use of his legendary trident. These sturms are said to be responsible for all the great storms and weather events of Arunia, stirring up the sea, dumping down rains, snows, and sandstorms. “As treacherous as the sea,” or “as treacherous as Vodei,” as the old saying goes.

In appearance the Twister of Ways is a massive faintly blue-skinned man with a powerfully muscled chest and arms. He is often depicted surrounded by the thundering waves, his trident held in one fist, lightning playing among its tines.

The Church
Clergy: Specialty priests, fighters
Clergy’s Alignment: Any
Turn Undead: No
Command Undead: No

The temple of Vodei is a strange one. A great majority of his worship is simply directed to turn his attention AWAY from his supplicants so he will not destroy them. His clergy vary from violent madmen to penitent supplicants. His worship is actually split between the so-called Shield of Vodei and the Wrath of Vodei, two organizations that try to please him by propitiation or destruction alternately. The Twin Temples, as they are known, are technically branches of a single temple but it has been eons since it had a ruler. Its seat was located at the now-ruined Essadi city of Ashkaroth on the Omodian Plain.

At one time, the Vodoni Twin Temples were the pride of Essad and represented a sort of national faith. Worship (or propitiation) of Vodei is associated with mercantile enterprises as a great majority of trade is done on the sea in Arunia. Almost all merchants leaving port will make a stop to a local Vodoni temple or shrine (hoping, most of the time, that it is administered by the Shield and not the Wrath) and pay a great deal to ensure the proper sacrifices are performed to keep the seas calm.

The structure of the Twin Temples in the modern day is fractured beyond repair. Temples devoted to the Wrath are generally independent affairs, sharing little with other temples of their faith other than the desire to dominate, to injure, and to perform sacrifices in the pools of salt water each temple holds in its secret heart. The Shield, however, has attempted (unsuccessfully) to reconstitute some semblance of order. Shield temples tend to work together and there are often Shield clerics to be found on the road traveling from one temple to another.

Wrath and Shield clerics regard each other with extreme distaste and mistrust, but rarely come to blows, knowing both serve the greater master in different ways.

Dogma: The sea is your master, the storm its messenger.

Day-to-Day Activities: Clerics of the Wrath spend their time harassing people into making donations and threatening them with storms, crop failure, lost ships, and destruction. Clerics of the Shield are less proactive, though they are often found in shipyards and along wharves to ensure that everyone has made the proper sacrifices (and sometimes to work as shipwrights themselves).

Holy Days/Important Ceremonies: The holy days of Vodei are calculated by an inscrutable method: the sacred salt-sea pools in the heart of each Vodoni temple will slosh and sputter when Vodei wishes a holiday to be held.

Affiliated Orders: Wrath, Shield

Priestly Vestments: All priests of Vodei dress in sea-blue and sea-green. Priests of the Wrath are bedecked in symbols of lightning bolts, clenched fists, and waves. Priests of the Shield cling to a more subdued garb of formless non-representational shapes.

Adventuring Garb: All Vodoni tend to dress in plate armor if they can. They have little fear of drowning, for the water is their element.

Wrathbearer of Vodei
(Specialty Priest)

REQUIREMENTS: Wisdom 9, Strength 12
WEAPONS: Any blunt weapon, cestus, trident, dart, javelin
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Chaos, Elemental (air), Elemental (water), Combat, Weather, Healing
MINOR SPHERES: Divination, Travelers, Elemental (earth)
MAGICAL ITEMS: They cannot use magical items that cure or heal (they may still drink healing potions).
REQ. PROFS: Rope Use
BONUS PROFS: Seamanship

At 1st level, clerics of Vodei may hold their breath under water (only) for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 their constitution score (as opposed to 1/3rd).

At 3rd level, the Wrathbearer may increase their strength to 18/00 for the purpose of one attack/day for every three levels of experience the Wrathbearer has attained (2 at level 6, 3 at level 9, etc).

At 5th level, the Wrathbearer may call lightning once per day .

At 7th level, the Wrathbearer may conjure a water elemental from any body of saltwater larger than a small pool once per day.

At 10th level, the Wrathbearer may water walk at will.

At 15th level, clerics of Vodei are permanently affected by a water breathing spell.

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