A general note on elvish wines: The elves brew a certain wine that is a special vintage, and which stands out from amongst their others. This is rajarikko, commonly known to men as Boggle, which must be aged for at least 250 years (and winds up usually being aged for something closer to 500) before being served. It’s alcohol content is extremely high, though it does not taste very alcoholic. It is said that you can taste the configuration of the stars when the wine was first incanted when drinking rajarikko. It is one of the most expensive drinks available, often costing upwards of 500 gp a bottle. The proper method of drinking is in a small thimble-sized crystalline goblet; a few of these over a long evening is considered proper. Any more is considered excessive.

A general note on dwarven drinks: Dwarves do not drink grape wine, mostly because grapes do not grow on the slopes of the Arinnfal. However, they are the progenitors of honey-mead and birch wine, both of which are extensively available in almost every dwarven settlement.

A note on availability: While the drinks listed here are divided by region, most of them (unless otherwise explicitly stated) are available in the surrounding regions as well; however, most vintages do not travel overfar (save elvish drinks which may take the Silver Road) so again, unless explicitly stated nothing here is WIDELY available.

The Empire (Thyrnesse, Avaria)

Lamp Country Cider — These ciders are generally enjoyed by the northerners of the Lamp Country and the Lonely Lands. They have some popularity in Serpent Country as well. The most famous of these is that made in Hilling (simply Hilling Cider).

Lanard’s Stout — a thick stout good for winter evenings and brewed in Hogswen. 2-4 copper a jug.

Quarrywine — a birch wine brewed by the Tuðorinn clan of Stonely, quarrywine is available in most places in the Lamp Country.

Reganswine — many wines are vinted in the region known as Regan’s Crown.

Rhûnnish Bitters — a type of liquor from the Rhûn coast, these are extremely bitter to the taste and are often preferred only by men of that region.

Saltwine — A type of wine made along the southern coast of the empire, saltwine is as the name indicates infused with salt and brewed from sea plants. It’s considered undrinkable save by poor sailors up and down the coastline.


Dwarven Whiskey — Brewed by the dwarves of the mine-sites, this whiskey is an imitation of the mountain-whiskeys of Claulan. However, like all things dwarven, it is also a perfection of those drinks. It is smooth, spicy, and delicious as well as being highly alcoholic. It costs between 3-7 silver.

Gotter’s Sweet Wine — A fruity, flavorful wine brewed at Gotter Keep, this wine is the most common drink of the Claulan nobility. For this reason it is more expensive than its widespread use would necessitate. It costs 1-5 silver a pitcher in Claulan and much more elsewhere.

Haggr’s Honey-mead — A mead made to please the dwarves and imitate the thick mead of the Arinfall, this drink pours with a good head and tastes strongly of honey and cloves. Men primarily stay away from it, leaving the drink to the dwarves. It runs between 7 copper to 1 silver a pitcher.

Mud-peak Stout — A dark malt beer, this brew is cheap and plentiful in Claulan amongst the miners. It is brewed in the town of Threestreams by the local alewives there. It has a thick malt flavor, and is served throughout the Claulan mines. It runs between 2-3 copper a pitcher.

Tarvian Whiskey — Brewed in Tarved, this drink is neither a beer nor a wine; instead it is a strong mountain-whiskey, a style of liquor made popular by the mountain stills near the mines. It is strong, rough, and cheap. 4-8 copper a pitcher.

Valley Pale — An Altwood made drink, the Valley Pale is somewhat more expensive than the mud stout, but is a blond beer with a light summery flavor. It is normally served in the lowlands and runs about 4-6 copper a pitcher.

Vuorin’s Vintage — Brewed by the elves from Gotter Keep grapes, this is a thick pitchwine that has a sweetness to it unlike the valley-drinks. It is also known as Firewine for the line of burning flame it etches in one’s throat. 1-2 gold a pitcher.

The Valelands

Hammer Gully Black — A dwarven lager brewed in, surprisingly, Hammer Gully, this is from a Bjarmyrk brewery run by the dwarf Helga Helgasdottir Marnr Bjarmyrk. The Helgasdottir brewery has been passed down from mother to daughter in an unbroken chain since the foundation of the Gully colony. The secret recipe is said to be just as old; Hammer Gully Black is a fine drink, thick and frothy, with a hint of bitters. Usually runs between 2-5 silver a pitcher.

Icewine — Made from the rare winter grapes grown in the Silver Mountains, Icewine is served with shaved ice in a chilled cup. It is said that you can taste how harsh the winter was – the harsher the winter the more bittersweet the wine. Icewine runs between 6 silver and 2 gold per pitcher.

Iiriem Pitchwine — Pitchwine is a sort of elvish wine that is very dark and full bodied. While most pitchwine is thicker than other wines, Iiriem Pitchwine is sluggish when poured and as such considered to be one of the most extreme pitchwines in existence. It is thick and tastes strongly of sweet honey and strawberries. This vintage is brewed by the ruling house of Iiriem in the royal vineyards. It costs anywhere from 1-8 gold per pitcher.

Miner’s Stout — A lighter stout brewed by the Heglasdottir’s, Miner’s Stout is less pricey than the Black but slightly more upscale from Thorm’s Head. It never runs more than 2 silver pieces a pitcher.

Old Ferling Cream — Brewed in Michelstadt by compact between the Brew-wifes Guild of that town and the Brotherhood of Heimir outpost of the Mug there, Old Ferling is a light cream ale. The “standard” drink of the Vales, it runs only 1-3 copper everywhere in the Valelands.

Red Seal — This strong oak-casked brew is a beer that comes from one place only: the Red Seal Monastery in the mountains of the Fork south of Kelhorne. This drink is brewed solely to pay tribute to the Lord Marshall of the Order of the Sword Militant housed at Redhorne. Thus, it is quite difficult to attain, as the Order only sells a few casks a year. This beer can go for up to 5 gold pieces a pitcher.

Raya’s Kiss — This beer is highly carbonated, leaving a fizz and tingle in the mouth of the drinker. A lighter “pale” ale, Raya’s Kiss is brewed by a small group of dedicated Rayans just outside Northmount in a small brewery in the wood. Since the ascension of the Rayan religion to primacy in the town of Northmount, Raya’s Kiss has become much more popular in the local bars. It sells for between 4-6 copper a pitcher.

Thorm’s Head — This ale is a dark brew made by the Helgasdottir brewery near Hammer Gully. Unlike the black, it is less bitter and slightly less meaty. Considered a poor man’s version of the Black by most in the Vales, it runs only 2-5 coppers a pitcher.


Sidabrinia is home to a number of different types of wine:

Tyrma White — These white wines are brewed in the city of Tyrma herself, and are generally pale yet strong.

Coastland White — Bubbly and fruity, this type of vintage (also known as a Mervalna) contains a natural carbonation.



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