Town Population: ~5,000 Government: Noble Council

Vignsu is a wealthy town surrounded by cold weather vineyards and orchards. Much of their wine is sold to the Order in Clayland, though a large portion of it must be reserved for the Knights of the Hawk at Ilrein. The town itself is located in a fold of some moderately hilly land.

The center of town is dominated by a marketplace and surrounded by temples, as is the Milean custom. A church of Eleia known as the Graintender’s Temple stands at the northern edge of the market. The town is blessed with a small temple of Fortuna (The Temple of the Silver Coin), a shrine to Vaela, and a small Quilian library that has since been abandoned. Up on the hillside there stands a small temple of the Brothers of Heimir, known as the Brewmaster’s House.

The nobility, of which there are three great vintning families, dwell upon the hills outside of town in three large estates. These are the houses of Altrus, Gaianus, and Vertus, the leading men of the town. Each of their estates is large, overseeing a massive section of the vineyard.

However, unlike most Milean towns, the nobility do not own any actual rights in the town proper, which is comprised of men, gnomes, and a few halflings. Most of the inhabitants service the orchards or vineyards in some way; labor, smithing, coopers, etc. all find their work with one of the three great families.

The Sword Militant maintains an outpost here in the form of a reclaimed Byrnish waystation just to the south of town. There are always at least twenty men-at-arms and one paladin of the order present.

Other Amenities. The town is host to three small inns for travelers; one of them is the Sword Militant waystation (which charges a silver coin a head for horses and two for men). The Brewmaster’s House is also a Sign of the Mug, serving as an extremely cheap alternative. The last inn is the Cask and Flagon, located right in the center of town off of the market.

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