City Population: 9,250 Government: Water-Baron Marcellor Vectus


Byrne’s major shipping city, Vectedréa pales in comparison to the entrepots of Noranor, Tourons, or even Seagard. Nevertheless, Vectedréa is a strongly defended bay-city with a crescent wall designed by the infamous goblin architect Hibarres and built in this age of the world. Vectedréa has only one entrance, at the curving apex of its wall. It is ensconced in enfilading towers and contains a gate-system that utilizes two gatehouses: the outer gatehouse, a courtyard (complete with Vaelan, Hieriean, and Fortunan temples), and the inner gatehouse.

A tour of Vectedréa


The Gate

The Umber

Navale District

Temple of the Pale Lady

Saxo Mercetori

The Shrine of Haparos

The Deeps

Lighthouse Tower

Noble’s Prominance

Temple of Tuwayn

Temple of Aros

Ferry Landing

Rhamna’s Grove

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Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius