“Legends say that Tallëor Twice-born was plagued by vampires after he destroyed the last Trollish kingdom of Ushtuk. The first vampire ever recorded in history was Tallëor’s general Laimos. Sages have speculated for centuries why vampires appeared first immediately after the defeat of the Ushtuk Trolls, but I believe I’ve found sources indicating vampirism goes back even farther than that. The Gigantine King of the early Pernag kingdom was said to ‘never emerge during the day, and to sup nightly on the blood of his foes.’”

The Origin of Vampires, Saldur Myone, X488


Vampires are a type of malignant spirit. Often classified as free-willed undead by mages with too much time on their hands, their origins have been traced back to the dawn of the world by the famous scholar Saldur Myone. They did not plague the people of the North in great numbers until some time after the fall of the Trollish kingdom of Ushtuk, which was destroyed by Tallëor Elsoín in the Third Age.

They are a particularly loathsome type of spirit and can be encountered anywhere in the world, though certain regions (geographically disparate, strangely) seem to play host to more vampires than others. In particular in the northern part of the world, the area that was once under the governance of Soloth seems to have an inordinate amount of vampires lurking within.

Whenever vampires are found in kingdoms south of Soloth, a great hew and cry is raised by the people of the region and often a fever of paranoia will sweep over them. These are known as the ‘vampire nights’ by the more poetically inclined. Vampire nights have led to the execution of many supposed “vampires” throughout history while the real fiend has crept away to terrorize another land.

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