Lady Vaela, shield the traveler. Shield the pilgrim, and the wanderer. Make the roads safe and the may the ways be always straight.

Vaelan prayer

Standing Stone of Vaela

Intermediate Goddess Alignment: LG Portfolio: Travelers, pilgrims, paladins, journeys, hunting, hunters Dogma: Walk the roads in peace and trouble no merchants, steal no goods, and hew to the law. Epithets: the Pilgrim, the Wanderer, the Road Warden, the Shield

Vaela is Haeron’s daughter, born of his union with Avauna. She is the warden of roads, the watcher of travelers, and the guardian of the innocent who walk the roads the world. She makes sure the ways are straight and the dangers are light. Vaela receives prayers from every walk of life. Her statues adorn the roadways and many houses have a small icon of Vaela in their foyer so they can leave offerings on the way out.

Vaela’s clergy also have a secondary task. Many of them serve as Road-wardens but there are also those who serve as Vaela’s Messengers, holy and anointed. To trouble a Messenger of Vaela upon the road is to invite her wrath.

Her statues are often covered with melted wax from candles and rancid meat or wine from offering bowls. Her holy symbol is a walking stick or staff of the kind used by pilgrims and her colors are blue and red.

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