Slaving Station

Uldyr was once a fortress, but it has since been converted to a waystation for slavers and their cargo. It was built in X.66 and served as the central stronghold for the Iron Guard until the rule of Ajenx Hortus. Exactor Hortus de-commisioned the Iron Guard during his reign, thus leaving the fortress empty. Under Hortus’ successor, Sarcos Mellox, Uldyr was transformed into the waystation that it is now.

Rooms can be rented in the main fortress for eight silver manir a night while accommodation for ten slaves can be purchased at the same rate. There are more luxurious rooms (located in the old keep) available for three golden ferir a night.

The main hall of the fortress is decorated with images of every Exactor to date, including Hyrek Thur, who’s statue stands at its rear upon an altar of Claustrum and flanked on either side by altars of Tallial and Rhamna. The other twelve Exactors fill the niches in the long walls of the hall; it is a common jest amongst the mercenaries who work there that they will have to start smashing statues to accommodate more.

The fortress at Uldyr is actually jointly held by the Three, and revenues from it are split amongst them. It is staffed by three hundred mercenary soldiers. Its defensive works have fallen into disrepair since its conversion, leaving great gaps in the outer wall and the crumbling of the gatehouse.

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