Lesser God Alignment: LN Portfolio: Guards, guardianship

Tuwayn is a god who was originally Valelan, but has come to be widely worshiped in the north. In the hearthland of Miles, he has become associated with the noble practice of the semel or semul statue which supposedly depict guardian beasts blessed by his hand that ward off evil humors and thieves from great households.

Tuwayn is often invoked as the god of locks, wards, and doors; his worship has no priests or clergy and is in the hands of those who offer their prayers to him when his aid is needed. Indeed, Tuwayn rarely has shrines at all; however, many locks, keys, and doorways are inscribed with his sigil and many mutter silent praise to Tuwayn for keeping their belongings safe whenever they bolt a door.

Tuwaynian subaltars and eidolons may be found in Hierean and Avaunite temples, where they are tended by the clergy of that god.

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