Clan Prince: Gyrr ∂orfsson Unnr Tu∂orinn
Clan Thanes: Gamlir Uthirsson Halad Tuðorinn, Thorgrim Thralfsson Utrim Tuðorinn, Alsmið Garadsson Ralfsson Tuðorinn, Balvir Ragnarsson Urdr Tuðorinn, Haradr Torgarsson Ralnr Tuðorinn

The Tuðorinn clan has lived in the Lonely Lands since time immemorial. Their original home was the ring-town of Bauglr which bore a colony stone from the Arinnfal. However, Bauglr was overrun and the dwarves driven out from the mountains nearly one hundred years ago in X412 when the Bitterblade orcs attacked and destroyed the main defensive works.

As the dwarves had always lived scattered throughout the region, the clan was quickly absorbed by nearby settlements. Most of the Tuðorinn now live in the town of Stonely under their Clan-Prince Gyrr Ðorfsson.

A great number of dwarvish relics were rescued by the Lamplighter Company in the winter of X501 when an ancient treasure-vault was broken open and robbed by Speartooth orcs. Gyrr himself was rescued by the Lamplighters from Dauklen Fortress and the Speartooths were left leaderless. It was during that winter that Gyrr was elected to succeed the old Clan-prince who had perished years before.

The Tuðorinn currently call Stonely their home, and have been working with Baron Aven Stonely to construct a ring-wall around the town and fortify it in the dwarven manner. Stonely has been praised for his foresight in hiring the Lamplighters, and the relations between him and the dwarves are quite close.

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