Town Population: 2500 Government: Steward Miles de Troive

The town of Troive (three-roads) owes it’s allegiance to the barony of Estermont; however, it has outstripped the town of Ester in size and importance since the days when the seat of the Barony was moved there. It is a recent formation, growing up around the intersecting trails that run through. With the westward Abbey Way and the eastward road leading to Ester, Troive is an important junction in many mercantile routes.

For this reason, Troive serves as a market-center for the nearby towns of Estermont and also has a tall wooden palisade that surrounds the town-houses to protect them from the depredations of gnolls.

The Troive Market is one of the largest in the region outside of Lanard’s Watch. It operates every Market Day and brings in a good amount of income; Miles de Troive, the town’s steward and sheriff, operates the market and it is to him that market fees come. His home is a townhouse on the market square at the center of Troive; it is said that he has struck several deals with various trade organizations. This is borne out by the presence of a House of Trade operating center in Troive as well as a Silver Tree manor.

There is a small Avaunite temple near the northern gate. It is staffed with clerics and a few medici who minister to the town. It is a small stone building with a sloping roof and a courtyard for the practicing of medicine.

The Market Square. The House of Trade and Silver Tree buildings both face the market on different sides. The House of Trade is a roughly built wooden structure with the House’s telltale Wheel represented by a wagon wheel dangling from a chain.

The Silver Tree has purchased and refurbished a small dwarven kin-house on the square, turning the building into a local headquarters. Over the porchway they have engraved and inlaid a spreading branching silver tree.

Lastly, the market square also boasts a fairly active temple to Fortuna in the form of an ancient Milean round-temple with steps and columns.

Troive also has a single inn, the Signe of Vaela.

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