Displayed here is a boiled down timeline of the history of the Tenth Age, beginning with the date of X1 in which the Ardon Ry murdered his wife and took his own life.

X1, the murder-suicide of the Ard Ry and Rys of Miles, Histar Elsoín.

X3-87, Myrea the Depraved rules Thyrnesse

X4-60, the Fist of Leont controls Opria.

X12, the founding of Blackport.

X15, the founding of Zemm.

X50, the coming to power of the half-orc Slaver-King of Essad, Magron Thur.

X88-102, Kadagus the Despot rules Thyrnesse

X88, the declaration of the foundation of Meirenia; Arimachus the Builder becomes Tejar of Zemm.

X93, the coming of Peppin the Short to power in the Lonely Lands, and the foundation of the kingdom of Avaria.

X102-215, Roland the Sorcerer rules Thyrnesse

X115, the final conquest of the Vales by the Teralian general Archet, resulting in the Vales becoming subjugate under the Teralian Empire.

X150, the Swords of Night are founded from the Fist of Leont. They continue to control Opria behind the scenes.

X137, the Teralians conquer Avonus, the “new territory.”

X194, the moving of the Avarine capital from Bataille to Lanard’s Watch following the birth of the new King there.

X198, the Necromancer’s cult takes control of Imperial religious life with the ascension of the Teralian Emperor Avarus Alainus. The Teralian capital is moved to Thalon.

X202, the Khewedi War of the Rivers between the Great Prince Haruhmet and the Great Priest Tekhmet.

X211, the collapse of the Essad slaver-kingdom beneath pressures from Dorlan and Agstowe in the south, Opria in the west, and Mayallis in the north.

X216-53, Sorvial of Noranor r.

X253, coming to prominence of Tarvan vel Tarved in Middlemark. This marks the beginning of the end of that kingdom.

X254-412, Auruxol line r. Thyrnesse

X257, establishment of Tarvia.

X277, the razing of Greenvale by a punitive military force from Knights of Avarine who do so in order to chasten the Emperor of Teral. The beginning of the Temulan Rebellion in the Wyrmlands.

X279, the death of Temulus in a raid on High Hill.

X281, the withdrawal of Teralian troops and taxes from the Wyrmlands.

X287, the Avarian-Goblin war. The death of Mander Orne on the field of battle, and the loss of the sword Goblin-death.

X290, the Knights of Avarine are reigned in by the new Peppinid dynasty, which takes control of the old Avar lands.

X322, Byrne coalesces from breakaway regions under the Peppinids.

X340, the Peppinids are annihilated with the agreement of the Conclave, plunging Avaria into chaos.

X350, the foundation of Frelonde by the Barons of the Free Regions.

X350-375, the Civil Wars of Teral and the destruction of that empire by magical means.

X352-5, The War of Two Brothers in Agstowe; Oeric and Ricberct Temulan fight over the still cooling corpse of their sister Eadburg and her kingdom.

X394-402, the War of Maren’s Crown in which the dwarves of Arinnfal made war on King Maren the Mad vel Tarven over nonpayment of his dues to the Konig of the dwarves for their craftwork. In retaliation, Maren and several Claulan border counts raided and burned the valley of Feindal. The war ended with the destruction of Maren’s line and salting of his lands; this indirectly led to the establishment of the current primacy of the Clauren family that unified Claulan as their personal domain.

X402, founding of Weyland and Claulan.

X405-6, the Great Kobold War of Ferling; Northmount Abbey participates, as do the elves of Iiriem; the kobolds are driven northwards into the mountains near Pinehall.

X412, the establishment of the Galoen dynasty and the consolidation of Thyrnesse, raised to that position by the wizard of the Conclave. Many resent the wizards of their meddling.

X412-49, Aras Galoen r. Thyrnesse (Prince Haiden’s War)

X423, the loss of the Byrnish Waste under King Menelau of Byrne.

X435, civil strife between the Order at Clayland and the Watchmaster Hadan Galoen.

X443, the Order of the Sword Militant arrives in the Vales to prevent kobolds from returning and founds a stronghold at Redhorne. They begin to revive old Teralian governorial practices, instituting nobles to rule under their banner.

X447, the end of King Oswald Temulan of Agostwe’s minority and beginning of his rule.

X449-53 Tamerin Galoen r. Thyrnesse

454-77 Velas Galoen r. Thyrnesse

X455, Mastricht vel Clauren defeats the last ogre tribes of the Brandgelts.

456-8, The Usurper’s War — When the Outlaw King Arlus and the Usurper Olsander Avaria declared their own claims to the Milean throne, Velas was left with no choice but to do battle with both of them. This war, fought almost to the hour before the Great Orc War, raged through the imperial heartland.

X458-60, The Great Orc War — Dwarven excavations in the Goldhook Mountains lead a federation of orcish tribes to stream into Valbois and Paix. The young heir-apparent Tamerin III (now Tamerin Elsoín, First Emperor of the Third Empire) fought alongside Duke Auregard to free the South Hamlets from orcish raids for three years.

X471, the formation of the Knights of the Hawk in the Byrnish Wastes.

X478, Tamerin III crowned king of Thyrnesse

X488, the Second Slaver War against Essad, reducing that land to a shadow of its former power; in that year also, the Frelonde garrison in the Bleak Strand is pushed back beyond Battle Bridge.

X492, the Great Goblin Incursion in Northvale and Bone Vale kills many citizens. The Order is too late in mobilizing to stop them, but a concerted effort drives the Goblins back into the West Wall Range.

X497, the Goblin Invasion at Breaker’s Ford in Frelonde; the goblins are destroyed at the Dell of Bones.

X501, the foundation of the Third Empire under the Iudex Regum, Ardon Ry, and Emperor Tamerin III Galoen (Tamerin Elsoín). The War of the Hammer between the empire, Byrne, and Meirenia. First year of the War of the Colorguard in the Vales.

X502, present day

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