Three Crowns

The Three Crowns Coster has two major bases of power – one in Llyria and one in the Free Cities. It has developed some unsavory reputations due to the grasping nature of the regional captains of its far flung arms. The council of Merchants in the Free Cities does not much care how money gets there, as long as it continues to do so. Leaving regional leaders in command of its operations, the nature of the Three Crowns varies from region to region with the temperaments of its commanders.

Even in places where the regional overseer is not particularly unscrupulous, the Three Crowns is a notoriously competitive organization, often driving other smaller groups of merchants out of business or subsuming them for the greater good of the Crowns.

Few know for certain what the three crowns of the Three Crowns actually represent, but it has often been said they are for the three gods of commerce: Vodei, Fortuna, and Heimir.

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Three Crowns

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