Thorny at Radcliffe

Size: 400 or so Government: Feudal barony Militia: 15 Radcliffe men-at-arms

This small town belongs to the declining Radcliffe family, and is overseen from the Manor-at-Radcliffe which is literally above the town, perched atop the clay cliff-faces that border its northeastern side.

Far from the main roads or trade routes, Thorny-at-Radcliffe was never really important but it has become even less so lately. The fortunes of the Radcliffe barons have been tied to those of the Ard Ry, particularly since their massive decline. As one of the extremely loyal houses to Tamerin III the family patriarch has left for the wars. This has placed Alleyn Radcliffe as Baron while his father, Cornus fights in the wars.

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Thorny at Radcliffe

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