Town Population: ~8,000 Government: Town Council Defenses: Town militia

The great town of Theomanilus lies at the confluence of the ruined road known as the Hearthway (which runs south to Clayland), the Ironway (north to the Haugrund), and the Hawk’s Road (east to Ilrein). The town is primarily comprised of forest gnomes who live in peaceful neighborhoods scattered across the crossroads. These surround a mannish town and market complete with a large inn and public house known as the Feathered Rest.

Approaching the town from the Hearthway one must walk between two rows of ancient oaks on either side that shield the road. The houses of the gnomes nearby are generally built into the hillsides and roofed with turf. At the crossroads is the open space of the market (where the Knights of the Hawk routinely take tolls) which is held every Galus.

In the island of land between the Ironway and the Hawk’s Road stands the Feathered Rest, surrounded by a stone wall and pierced by a single gate. It stands three stories tall, larger than any of the other little stone or turf buildings of Theomanilus.

Amenities. The Feathered Rest

Temple of Haeron.

Temple of Eminea.

Temple of Eleia.

Roadshrine to Vaela.

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