The White Swan

Inn and Tavern Owner: Valnanoryn Keeneye

The White Swan is an inn located along the northernmost sweep of the Starway. It’s roughly L-shaped in footprint with a diagonal section connecting the two arms midway down their bulk. Above the door there hangs a painting of a swan nestling its head in the crook of its wing.

The proprietor of the inn is Valnanoryn Keeneye, a pleasant elf with long blonde hair who wairs the latest Dorlish styles and is said to be full of mirth. Be that as it may (or may not) he is certainly a canny judge of business interests and has many investments with the Free Captains, which helps with the crowd of them that the Swan draws.

Just within one will find a great hall and main room, all tiled with fine enamel and built with high granite ceilings. At once to the left lie the baths and to the right the massive taproom where most of the socializing and eating takes place (save for that which can be done in the big courtyard with its willow trees and benches of stone).

The selection of wines is rather thin for such a large establishment:

  • 2 moons – Silversong White
  • 6 moons – Silano Red
  • 4 wanderers – Claulish Ale
  • 1 sun – Iiriem Icewine

Room and board is affordable but not cheap:

  • 4 moons/night – single room
  • 1 sun/week – single room, one week allotments
  • 5 moons/day – board
  • 3 moons/night – stabling for a pack animal
  • 8 moons/night – stabling for a charger
  • 500 suns/month – the High Suite, board included
  • 5,000 suns/year – the High Suite, board included

The High Suite

In addition to her regular rooms, the Swan offers a single suite of adjoining chambers at the top of a square tower who’s body is used for storage, sleeping quarters for the ilmai servers and chefs, and other such behind-the-scenes things.

The suite is entered from the main stairwell. This leads into a red plaster-walled and high-ceilinged room with a massive elvish glass lamp suspended overhead. Inset into the beige-tiled floor is a circular set of cushions and tables where one may sit and eat. Scattered throughout are various tables and well-made chairs. A huge hooded fireplace dominates the south wall.

To the west lies the solar, its wall of diamond-leaded windows looking out over the Kingstown. At the northern end of this pleasant chamber is another fireplace.

A privy with flushing toilets and a large marble and claw-footed bath as well as three bedrooms can be found off the main suite. Each bedroom is graced with a huge round bed framed by intricate wooden “branches” that make a sort of pear shape overhead over which a cloth may be draped in case of a chill. Warming braziers and lavers accompany each of these chambers as do casements looking out to the north, north-east, and east (varying by chamber).

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The White Swan

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