The Watchlands

County Governance: Captain of the Watch Amory Lunly Seat: Lanard’s Watch


While technically ranked as a County in the Royal Khronikon of Peerage, Lanard’s Watch has served as a defacto royal outpost since it was incorporated into Thyrnesse. It was the capital of New Avaria under the Peppinids after the removal of the dynasty from Bataille to what were then more secure northern territories. The Watchlands are those regions directly administered by the Captain of the Watch and owing him Knight-service.

The Watchwood defines the general borders of the Watchland, though some settlements near the Hogwater and two outlying steads. During the New Avarine period, many of the very small towns under the Watch were actually thriving villages with nobility still in place. All that is left of those nobles are the knight-barons of Thorny, Willow Manor, and the newly installed Baron Gerrus Taerlen at Hogswen. The other lands (Alayne’s Stead, Norwen, and Lonestead) are simply very large farms run by wealthy merchants.


Alayne’s Stead


Lanard’s Watch




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The Watchlands

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