The Third Scroll of Oracles

In the late age of men, a great darkness will befall them.

The evils of the Dawn Times only sleep, and their slumber is light.

Men shall turn from the Law and the Right

And Hieros shall turn his face from the Empire,

and it shall be made like unto siblings, who’s birthright they cannot remember,

for CHAOS shall come upon the face of the earth and the First Men will rule the earth no more.

Lo! Hieros is the kindest of lords, for he shall not forsake his people even

when they are punished for their wickedness.

The Empire shall walk in darkness, and the evils of the Dawn Times will no longer sleep.

But there will come a new Emperor, and with his power he shall reign in the darkness,

and he shall teach the powerful to kneel.


Many believers consider this passage to be a direct indictment against the people of the Tenth Age. It is the popular belief that Emperor Tamerin III is the man spoken of in this passage and that he shall renew the Empire of Miles not only in name, but in truth. It is said that he will even discipline the Conclave and that the passage “he shall teach the powerful to kneel,” details actions that must be taken against mages and wizards, who hold a disproportionate amount of control over the affairs of the world.

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The Third Scroll of Oracles

Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius