The Swordland

Order Grant Governor: Grandmaster Jaque Sarjent Seat: The Sword Keep


Cut by the Bladewater and the Cyprellot, the Swordland is the heart of Haeron’s Plateau. The administrative center of all Clayland is located at the Keep of the Sword, several miles north of the Fallen Troll. The landscape is a sere one: plains of blasted and sun-burnt wheat and high scrubland, like most of the plateau, make the Swordlands a difficult place to earn a living.

The earth is rich in iron, though it is difficult to dig beneath the clay. Silver, lead, and copper are also found in abundance in the Swordlands, and many of the towns there have at least one working mine nearby.

The Barony of Whiteridge

The County of Trollfell


The Keep of the Sword

Godric’s Garrison

Lion’s Pass

Thurgar’s Mine

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The Swordland

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