The Sign of the Black Skull

Tavern Owner: Grigus the Underfoot

The Sign of the Black Skull is a small tavern located between the Street of the Armorers and the Black Dome of Tallial. It is a frequent visit for those who fight in the small arenas of the stews as well as adventurers seeking a cheap quiet place to drink.

It is a small run-down building with a near-collapsed roof of sagging beams and thatch and walls of splotchy plaster. There are small wooden stools and a few large tables set on stumps, but most people squat, or sit on the rushes, or bring a stool of their own, or simply do without a table and sit on a free stool. Gambling occurs at all hours, and there are few serving people. There is no food at all.

The wine is a foul imported swill from the agrikon for a five copper a bottle and a thick almost-thresk ale for two copper a jug. Grigus’ wife Avezah serves the drinks alone.

Both Grigus and Avezah are battered old gnomish mercenaries who have seen much blood and violence in the east.

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The Sign of the Black Skull

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