The Scroll of Law

The Scroll of Law is the holy text of the Hierean temple; it is actually several scrolls kept together and containing the history of the Creation, the War of Ascendence, and the revelations of the Hierean Oracles of the First and Second Empires.

The Scroll is not a document widely available outside the Temple; it is shrouded in mystery for those who are not members of the Inner Cult.


The Scroll is divided into several major sections. These are known as the scrolls called Scriptus Legorum (which bundles the entire history of the temple with the legal precedent and procedures that have been recorded since), Wars (which is a Halorian text that has been incorporated into the Scroll of Law detailing a history of all the wars of the Empire and Men), and Oracles (which catalogs the words of the ancient Hierean Oracles of old Miles).

The Scriptus Legalorum

Important excerpts from Oracles

“And Hieros shall turn his face away on the Empire, and it shall be made like unto siblings whose birthright they cannot remember, for CHAOS shall come to the face of the earth and the First Men will rule the earth no more.”

“The darkness has come upon the world and now walks among you. Who shall be bold enough to weed it out?”

“When your strength has failed, trust thee in Hieros for he shall bear you up; it is not the earth which supports you, but rather the golden bonds of Law.”

“The good and evil shall be meted out justice according to their measure. The good shall be exalted whilst those who commit evil acts shall be cast down. Let them revel with their darkness, and forever enjoy the fruits of their labor as slaves. As those who in life are fools, so too in death shall they be.”

The First Scroll of Oracles

The Third Scroll of Oracles

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The Scroll of Law

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