The Royal Mortuary

Crypt Ruins

The Royal Mortuary is located beneath Lanard’s Watch, specifically beneath the Watch basilica. While many of the pre-Lanard Peppinid tombs are located in or around Bataille, those kings who reigned after the movement of the capital to Lanard’s Watch to secure the northern border have their ashes entombed in the Peppinid Royal Mortuary.

These crypts are extremely dangerous, incorporating both traps designed by the Tu∂orinn clan (who received much royal patronage) as well as the potent magic of the last king of Avaria who augmented the tomb before his own death.

Rumor claims that there are eight kings buried beneath Lanard’s Watch ending with the last mage-king of Avaria, Evrard II Menot.

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The Royal Mortuary

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