The Roasted Pike

Inn and Tavern

The Roasted Pike is an inn owned by Arnr Arnsson, a black-bearded blue dwarf of no little renown in Southfork. His inn is a three story building with a first story of stone and the upper floors of wattle-and-daub. Like many modern buildings, it grows larger as it rises, beams from the lower floors supporting the expanding upper floors.

The Pike sits on the Claw-water and possesses its own service dock for the landing of ales, foodstuffs, and travelers along the river. It’s first floor is a large common room with a scuffed wooden floor. A small space for performers is reserved against the left wall, while a fireplace occupies the right. The rear wall is given over to a large staircase, underneath which a doorway leads out to the stone kitchen, buttery, and stables in the rear yard.

Arnsson generally charges reasonable rates of 5 mines for a week’s stay in a private room, 2-8 mines for a jug of ale or bottle of wine, and 8-10 wagons for a meal.

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The Roasted Pike

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