The Riverton Tower

Standing near the center of Riverton, the Riverton Tower was founded by the same edict that gave money to found the Cracked Crock and the same edict also supports the Tower. It is a large square stone tower with four stories and an open top from which the local sheriffs can command the countryside. Just outside the Tower there stands a barn with a hayloft and a stable in an innyard that stretches around the rear; in back of the Tower stands the kitchen, which is a separate stone building.

The third floor is often used for town council meetings. The first floor is a single massive taproom, frequently used during market days. The walls are hung with the Riverton twin-river livery and lanterns hang from the large strong beams that make up the roof. The left-most wall on entry is stacked with hogsheads of homebrewed ale and wine. At left-rear of the use taproom is a door opening onto the back innyard and kitchen. In the right-rear there stands a wide wooden stair leading up.

Customers are encouraged to use their own mugs if they are locals (and locals often come there after dark) and as such the price of ale is discounted when they do. The inn itself is owned by Halanthus Whitebrace, a fat halfling with long brown muttonchops and a perpetually red chubby face.

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The Riverton Tower

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