The Matter of Avaria

The Twin Kingdoms of Avaria and Thyrnesse had once divided the heartland of the old Empire between them. Before the coming of the Avarine Kings, in the Eighth Age, it is known that there were many little kingdoms there. They spread like a quilt of warring brothers across the land.

Miles was their prize, contested between them, a free city-state under the rule of the Seneschal. It had become so at the beginning of the tenth age with the suicide of the Ardon Ry of old Avaria.

In the year X93 Pepin the Short rallied the knighthood of the Lonely Lands and Dirkshire to claim himself as king; King of the Avars. His new Avarine kingdom was founded at Bataille, as many of the Emperors of Old ruled from that seat. New Avaria straddled a dangerous line: in the west, the kingdoms of Westreth and Lomere had long held sway beyond Dirkshire in the old imperial realm. In the east, a new power was growing from the remnants of Old Avaria: the Thyrnessans. From Noranor they ruled, and the lands of Regan’s Crown paid them homage.

But there were other threats, grave threats in the north. The Free Baronies were in danger, and the power of Imperial Teral was waxing. In X194 the Avarine kings moved their capital north to Lanard’s Watch to begin the long line of kings that would rule from that place. Four years later, the Tharian cult established its power in the Teralian lands at Thalon; for nearly one hundred years after there was uneasy peace between Avaria and Teral.

Not so between Avaria and Lomere or Noranyst (as the fledgling kingdom of Thyrnesse was then called). There were bloody battles between X200 and X233; a three-way conflict over Bataille was the cause. This period is known now as the Thirty Years War, for there were hardly two years in a row where violence did not erupt.

But in X233 an accord was signed and the violence ceased until the 270s. War between Teral and Avaria was imminent and unavoidable. The Avarine king, to chasten the greed of the Teralian Emperors and their iniquity, sent the Knights of Avar to raze Greenvale.

The Matter of Avaria

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