The Hammersong Smithy

Armory and Weaponsmith Owners: Taitavel and Galdri

The Hammersong Smithy is located just off the Groveway, down a small side-road. This path passes over a small stream that peters out near the base of the Highborn Wall. The smithy itself is a large building with sloping stone-tile roofs and open archways that lead directly into its workshop. The interior has gray granite floors and three massive furnaces that form a semicircle. A smaller semicircle of six anvils are often attended by the apprentice dwarves and elves that work there under the two masters. Smaller, more secret furnaces and smithing tools are located deeper within the Smithy in private rooms. A courtyard separates the workshop from the quarters of Taitavel and Galdri respectively while the apprentices sleep in the forge.

All work here is custom made and can cost upwards of 175%-200% of the same items made elsewhere. However, both the armorsmith Taitavel the Sorrowing and the weaponsmith Galdri son of Agil, have skill worth the cost. Taitavel often works with sindabras (elf-silver) and is known as one of the finest armorers in Silversong. Galdri prefers to work with balglamir (red gold) and has made many of the most prized weapons in Tyrma. While their mundane work is expensive, the cost of their magical wares are astronomical; indeed, they are rarely even willing to make such things save for those the two smiths already value as close friends.

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The Hammersong Smithy

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