The Golden Breath

“He who dwells with Medja [ED: The Khewedi term for Hakeem/Akem] shall have a body made of gold,/ for incorruptible is the word of Abju./ This is the reward of those who give praises to Medja./ The reward of priests is greater for Medja/ shall show them the way to the Golden Path long before they ever come/ to the city Abju.”

Papyrus of Khemret, First Book of the Dead

A’nekhre, or the Golden Breath, is a secret formula employed by Khewedi alchemists that has spread to northern wizards. It extends the life of the drinker and can be compounded and taken repeatedly to live down through the ageless with a timelessness akin to the elves. This was once a Khewedi holy secret, but has (since at least the 5th Age) become something known in the North.

Many mages extend their lives by questing after the creation of the Golden Breath, though it is said that it is not easy. The methodology and contents of the a’nekhre potion remain mysterious and shrouded by those who have discovered them.

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The Golden Breath

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