The Full Purse


The Purse is located right around the corner from Danaxus’ Workshop, off of Merchant’s Row. It is a popular haunt for the merchants who own shops on the Row or trade in the nearby Haymarket. Most of the ale is supplied by local home-brewers and alewives from the city, though the wines are of a more diverse brand from around Dirkshire. The tavern is owned by Balan Bluntnose, a halfling with an almost dwarvish sense of humor.

It is a one story tavern with a high ceiling that is partially dug down below the street level. Lanterns hang from the rafters and a stone stairway inset into the left wall leads down to the taproom floor. Along the way are two niches with small palm-sized idols inside; one dedicated to Heimir and another to Vaela.

The taproom itself takes up the majority of the building. There is an attached kitchen and brewery with a shed located outside in the rear yard between the nearby buildings to store the alcohol.

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The Full Purse

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