The Forbidden Art

“Cursed is he who troubles the dead,”

The Papyrus of Anki, Third Book of the Dead

Necromancy. Just as the worship of the Necromancer is outlawed in most lands, so too is the use of Necromancy. This has been true since the War of Necromancy in which the Necromancer attained godhood. It is collectively known as the Forbidden Art, which encompasses all necromantic texts whether they are older than the Necromancer or not. Theoretically even possession of these books is illegal in most sane lands (excluding a few places like Essad and Khewedi) though this is very hard to enforce in practice and, thus, powerful mages may own books of Forbidden Lore within impunity as long as they don’t make it a well-known fact.

In part, this taboo harkens back to the spread of the worship of Akem in the North, as the God of Death despises those who are taken from his clutches. Indeed, the Black Priesthood can recognize a creature raised from beyond the grave by sight unless their magical gaze is confounded by even more powerful wards.


The Forbidden Art

Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius