The First Scroll of Oracles

The good and evil shall be meted out justice according to their measure. The good shall be exalted whilst those who commit evil acts shall be cast down. Let them revel with their darkness, and forever enjoy the fruits of their labor as slaves. As those who in life are fools, so too in death shall they be.

So spakest Aeldus the Prophet, and First Oracle of Hieros. And lo was a temple raised up at his will and it was mighty. Many columns and pilasters did it bear, and a great dome of hammered gold. And it was said across the Empire that truly the First Men had found their birthright. In this hall did the gods themselves appear to make discourse with the Emperor Elenon and his successor, Sagandeon the Seeker who himself was raised in a cloister founded by the Prophet.

Sagandeon and Theolon were men of the Hammer; Aeldus himself had raised the young Seeker. And it was Sagandeon who first installed an oracle in the Temple of Miles, and that Oracle was named Elynea for she was born of Elenaes and her father had in earlier years been the Aspect-priest of the God of the Waters which was revealed to be none other than Vodei the Unquenchable, Lord of the Sea.

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The First Scroll of Oracles

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