The Elf-lands of Haugrund

Region Governance: Prince Halvar Kirineson of Emenä


The region colloquially referred to as “elfland” stretches from the Rubricos to Ulvarhal, which is far more than the area claimed by the Prince of Emenä. Flavorful local custom aside, the gnomish and mannish towns of Rubirwen and Dramling as well as the dwarven hold of Ulvarhal owe no official loyalty to the elves, though they often work in concert, as their interests are frequently intertwined.

The region is dominated by the Valatuuré, the Oathwood, and the empty city of Unelmoran that lies gripped in the remnants of Elder Magic. Historians have always been puzzled by the vagueness of the events surrounding Unelmoran’s emptying, but legend persists, some supported by elvish histories that speak of the place. The city has been empty since the Bleeding Plague; rumors persist that some great magical work to preserve it went awry, while others tell of a Wyrm attack. Still others claim that goblins penetrated its defenses. The truth remains unknown, since no one has ever pierced the High Sorcery that surrounds it.

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The Elf-lands of Haugrund

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