The Barony of Stonely

Barony Governance: Baron Aven Stonely Seat: Stonely

Stonely barony

The Barony of Stonely encompasses three major quarries on the northern tip of the Whitespear Mountains. Tithes of stone are owed to the Emperor (via Bataille) yearly, but much of the stone quarried there is sold throughout the empire. The Barony sits on the land between the Empty Plains and the Lamp Country, effectively making it a border region that buffers the more peacful Lamp Country to the south.

The northern Whitespears are infested with orcs, goblins, and other unpleasant creatures. Stonely, like all the Lonely Lands, officially owes its allegiance first to the Captain of the Watch and then to the Curia Vigilis.

Many iron dwarves live in and around Stonely, descendents of the Tu∂orinn clan, driven out of their home in Bauglr many years ago. They work as masons, blacksmiths, and quarryworkers in the quarry-towns.


Aurelien’s Grove (landmark)




Greenhill (part of the Lamp Country, not the Barony)


Mindare Trading Outpost




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The Barony of Stonely

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