Demigod Alignment: CE Portfolio: Murder, betrayal, necromancy Dogma: Kill lest you be killed, be the betrayer lest you be betrayed Epithets: the Necromancer

Tharos was once a man, an ancient human sorcerer and the creator of the art of Necromancy in the world’s beginnings. He instigated the War of Necromancy, which raged in the Ninth Age; at its culmination he stole the waters of Life from Valingas and ascended to godhood. He is constantly at odds with every other god in the pantheon, vying to take their titles or destroy them. The only gods he ever works with are Dinismayl and Tyros, when is not fighting them.

Tharos had many allies and followers in his camp. There were people who flocked to him during the War of Necromancy, and then there were those who came to his banner after he ascended. These people and those they converted make up the bulk of the Poison-Tongue Cult. They are spread throughout the North, cells of those loyal only to the Necromancer. Farmers, noblemen, merchants, adventurers – their numbers and occupations are legion.

His so-called priesthood and indeed his worship is outlawed in most sane lands (save for Teral and Essad). He is considered to be one of the greatest divine threats in the North.

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