Temple of War

Deity: Halor/Tallial

Alignment: LG/CE

The Temple of War is a bizarre union. It was reintroduced to the Mileans by the Emperor Tamerin Elsoín (the Restorer) in the spring of the year X502. Its worship had long gone out of fashion in the days after the Second Empire, relegating Halor and Tallial to subsidiary roles in the Hieriean temples in the midlands. However, an unbroken tradition exists in Essad, the Free Cities, and other regions.

Immediately after his marriage to the Princess Leyla Alore of Byrne, the emperor revealed that he had been cursed with visions sent by the two gods of war. They sought a restoration of their ancient rites, and the emperor soon obeyed them.

As in ancient days, the Temple of War binds the two very different gods together; while their priesthoods remain separate, worship is always performed in a dual context. It must be noted that the side-altars in Hierien temples remain, however. Most Mileans, if they would visit the new temple in Miles at all, would prefer to visit a temple of Haeron first and foremost, and only make subsidiary offerings to Halor (or Tallial).

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Temple of War

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