Temple of the Unconquered Sun

Deity: Avauna

The temple of Avauna has its origins in elvish worship, though men took up Avaunian practices almost as soon as they settled in the north. Originally, the heart of Avaunian worship was in the region near Bataille in the Milean Empire, but political machinations and social upheaval has led the Abode of the Daystar (once one of the subsidiary temple-complexes of Avauna) to become preeminent. The rise of the Abode of the Daystar has been paralleled in nearby Tailimisä by the rise of the Gwydereon Kelaatulë Elimä to power. It is widely believed that the Sun Maidens (leader of the Avaunian religion) have assisted the rise of Avaunianism in elvish lands and in return received promotion to the head office of the mannish temple.

Temple of the Unconquered Sun

Alignment: NG

The Temple of the Unconquered Sun is one of the most charitable organizations in the North, using its growing wealth to establish religious orders and houses to tend to the sick. In direct competition with the Hashtemite cults that encourage pain and suffering as a religious devotion, the Avaunian clerics attempt to expunge it wherever they find it. Avaunianism was once quite a weak religion, having suffered from many centuries of social atrophy, but recent decades have seen it revitalized.

The Abode of the Daystar, home of the Sun Maiden (currently Geniev de Ralass), is the center of Avaunian religion. Below the Sun Maiden are six Sisters of the Daystar, each of whom is in charge of one aspect of the temple’s operation. These are roughly divided into Spiritual Affairs, Charity, Medicine and Healing, Worldly Affairs (including money), Hierarchical Affairs, and Political Alliances. Below the Sisters are the individual temple and religious house-holders, clerics known as Lights. Further below these are itinerant priests or clerics who do not hold a temple of their own, the Healers.

Clerics of Avauna must visit a central location to train in their devotions – simple apprenticeship is no longer enough. This has led the Temple to found several major devotional schools in important Avaunian enclaves; these schools are also frequently attended by inner-cult members who are devoted to the healing arts. Leeches and medical scholars in particular are drawn to these areas. Many leeches are themselves inner-cult members of the Avaunian priesthood.

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Temple of the Unconquered Sun

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