Temple of Suffering

“The Third Year of the Drought: The water does not come. The people in the Hearthland run hither and thither, and some carry with them the token of Hasht and say ‘He is coming!’ In the places where the most have died the tokens are most numerous. Those who carry them seem immune to all pain. They travel the roads in bands, carrying their tokens before them, covered in sores. The guards of the cities have been instructed to turn them away. They will not go, but rather stand in place to be cut down like the wheat. As they fall they present their tokens and whisper ‘He is coming!’

“The king has commanded that all followers of Hasht be expelled from the cities and towns and that the gates be barred against wanderers. If this will help, who can say?”

Court Chronicle of Avarine, Jaene Highwater, X323

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Temple of Suffering

Abridged History of the 10th Age Idabrius