“The Smith bowed his head, and to Tallial the Burning gave free reign. The fires spread, and the blood of men watered the earth.”

The Scroll of Legends, Hierean holy text

The War Herald
Intermediate God Alignment: CE Portfolio: War, Disease, Fire Dogma: Tear apart your enemy, burn his land and leave him dead Epithets: the War Herald, the Burning

The War-herald is a towering god of armored rage. Barely kept in check by his lord, Haeron, he is always depicted as straining at his leash to subvert the law and bring war and fire to the land. Tallial’s worshipers are mostly career soldiers with an interest in fighting, or mercenary bands. He has few temples of his own, though many Hierien temples in major cities or capitals have side-altars devoted to him for the times when war seems as though it cannot be averted.

His theology is not a subtle one, focusing on the destruction of those who are dangerous to the worshiper and encouraging personal feuds above and beyond the law. Interestingly, Haerien clerics believe that Tallial has his place, and well-timed prayers to him may avert disaster. Tallial is not simply the war herald, however. He is also the bringer of disease, and the master of fire. In these aspects, clerics of Haeron have often advised their worshipers to pray that Haeron will reign in Tallial during times of plague or great fires.

In the Free Cities, worship of Tallial is actually practiced, and he even has a priesthood there. Most religious scholars speculate that this is due to the massive amount of fighting that occurs yearly between those cities. The largest and most magnificent temple devoted only to Tallial can be found in the city of Blackport.

Tallial appears as a fully armored man wearing a stag-crested helmet. His face is never visible, but his fiery red eyes often are. His helmet doubles as his holy symbol and his colors are red and black.

Recently, the emperor Tamerin Elsoín the Restorer has constructed a great edifice in Miles and christened it the new Temple of War.

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