(the War Herald, the Burning, the Reaver, Lord of War)

Lesser God, CE
Portfolio: war, disease, fire
Aliases: Ashad
Domain Name:
Superior: Haeron
Allies: None
Foes: Halor
Symbol: A hornéd helmet
Worshiper Alignment: Any

Tallial is the Lord of War

The Church
Clergy’s Alignment:
Turn Undead:
Command Undead:


Day-to-Day Activities:

Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:

Major Centers of Worship:

Affiliated Orders:

Priestly Vestments:

Adventuring Garb:

Herald of War
(Specialty Priest)

REQUIREMENTS: Strength 9, Constitution 13
PRIME REQ: Constitution
WEAPONS: Battle axe, mace, morning star, spear, sword
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Chaos, Combat, Divination, Elemental (fire), War
MINOR SPHERES: Charm, Elemental (air), Healing, Protection, Weather
MAGICAL ITEMS: War heralds can use any magical weapon or item that warriors can. However, they cannot create items that heal or cure, nor may they utilize them.
BONUS PROFS: Warrior proficiencies count as in-class at creation, Heralds of War get an additional weapon proficiency at creation.

At 3rd level, clerics of Tallial radiate an aura of might whenever they engage in battle. Opponents must save vs. petrification when the cleric begins to fight, or they receive a -1 penalty to their attack rolls.

At 5th level, the War Herald may cast Protection from Law, 10-foot radius or Protection from Good, 10-foot radius, once per day.

At 7th level, War Heralds may engage in a ritual of bloodletting. This ritual may be performed on any downed enemy who is not dead or captured prisoner. It takes one minute to complete, and the Herald guts the victim completely, bathing in his entrails. As the ritual is enacted, the Herald regains 2d12 hit points. The ritual may only be performed once every four hours.

At 10th level, the War Herald counts their weapon as one size larger whenever they score a critical hit.

At 15th level, the War Herald in combat is a blazing beacon of rage and fire. All allies within 60’ receive a +3 bonus to their attack rolls and all enemies directly attacking the Herald receive a -5 penalty.

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