The elves of Talimisiä will gladly tell you they are the oldest, most noble, and most elven of all the lands that remain inhabited by their people. In some sense this is true; after all, the Greatwood is the ancestral home of all elves.

A discussion of Elves, Aknius Ollevi, Gnomish Scholar, X 218

The Greatwood

The Greatwood. This ancient and trackless forest was the center of elvish civilization since the Second Age. While the Oronëia carry on the magical and scholarly traditions of the elves, it is the Arunëia of Tailimisä who live in the ancestral elvish homeland.

The Hierophants of Tailimisä claim direct descendence from the mage-kings of old, when the elvish nation was one and was administered by the representatives of the Creator-god himself. In this office is incorporated both the mageocratic ideal of a sage-lord as well as the theocratic one of a priest-king.

Most of the forest is ruled by local lords and local jurisdiction prevails. Small towns are nestled in ancient groves and larger cities are interwoven with the trees themselves, towers of marble built to mimic the massive trunks.

The south-eastern regions are known as the Haunted Paths, and border the district of Valtimya. The Haunted Paths are the subject of many folk-legends of horror and fear. It is said that an Avarine kingdom once thrived under the shadow of the Hierophant in those regions, but that war and ill-fate brought it to an end. Underground waterways interlace the region, causing strange echoing noises and unpredictable fog banks, which helps lend to its fearful aspect.

Politics of Tailimisä

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