Size: ~800 Government: Local Lord (Baroness Summerdown) Militia: 15 men-at-arms

Summerdown is one of the few vale towns to retain its old Teralian nobility, namely the Summerdowns under the Baroness Primora. A small woodland settlement, Summerdown is the hub of a network of communal farms ruled by the Baroness and the location of her manor-house which sits on a hill overlooking the town. Unlike the other villages of the vales, the Baroness retains the old tolls on passing through (one knuckle per person) and marketing (two knuckles to attend market) which only occurs on Sundays.

There is a single inn, oft used by the Red Branch caravans when they need to stop in the area, known as the White Stag and run by the dwarf Eigar Himrsson who served as a caravan driver for the Branch in the early days of Saremon Lann when the Branch only had a few merchants in its employ.

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